About Industrial Elegance

Industrial Elegance is all about taking the rough, hardened bits of life and smoothing them off to uncover a new look that still captures the heart of the original piece.  Whether it’s looking at an old fence and envisioning rustic welcome signs, or driving by a broken down barn and seeing picture frames, anything could be a new source of inspiration.  

People also inspire me with things I think they would like or need.  Other art inspires me.  When I see a piece I like, it makes me think about how I could put my own spin on it, or how that would look great in the project I’m working on.

How It All Began
For years family and friends said they liked my work, but I always thought they were just being nice.  Then I made the decorations for my sister’s wedding, and the response was unbelievable!  At her shower and reception, strangers came up asking where I bought it all.  After telling them that I made everything, they responded with “you should sell these”, “If you make more, I’d buy them”, and someone even asked me to make the decorations for their niece's baby shower.  It got me thinking, maybe I should! 

How I Work
Starting on Pinterest and Etsy to find ideas that fit the theme of my sister’s wedding, I began to play around with mason jars to make pieces for her shower.  Then I really started playing around with the color of the jars, glitter, paint, antiquing the finish, adding ribbon, twine, and beads.  Man, my hot glue gun was busy!  It’s funny looking back because the jars I felt I’d really messed up on are the ones she loved the most.  Now I just embrace these imperfections because those are the touches that make each piece unique.  

My Supports
I have a loving husband that is supporting me not only with my dream to start my own business but he also takes the time to help me build things when I become frustrated.  One such item was The Wine Rack.  It took way too much time and it wasn’t turning out right.  I felt defeated.  After stepping back and grabbing a beer, we went back at it and the final product came out great.  So fantastic, it was the first item to sell at my booth!   

I am so beyond excited to have started this journey.  It’s taken me awhile to make this first step, but creating new pieces for my booth and seeing the response as things sell pushes me to go on.  Thank you for continuing to inspire me.  I hope you enjoy all that’s yet to come!

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